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We did 725 slabs of spares on two weekends. We pre-sold most of the slabs. The fundraiser was for the local high school cheerleaders. I bought all the ribs pre-trimmed from the local grocery store at $6 per slab, st. louis style. We sold them at $16 per slab. No foil needed. My FEC750 knocked them out like clockwork. We did wrap them in plastic and foil after they were finished and held them in coolers. If you do it that way, you need to under cook them a tad because as they sit in the cooler, the residule heat will continue to cook them. Good Luck!
Just food for thought-Rather then undercook them could you hold them several minutes uncovered before covering them? This way the residual heat will dispurse and then you can wrap them without worry of overcooking? Not that it is a big deal to undercook them, Just curious.
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