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Originally Posted by h00kemh0rns View Post
Infernoo...out of all of those. What are your top 10 commercial sauces you've tried?
Ouch, that is a hard question... I will have to think about that one ;)

Originally Posted by Dex View Post
Hey infernooo, to date what is the best sauce you have ever tried? Home made or store bought.... either one.

As above, let me think about that! ;)

Originally Posted by Ryan_289 View Post
X2. I really like this thread and love trying different sauces. Help a newb out on some commercially available sauce
Thanks for the kind words, I will come up with some recommendations.

Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
Not to hijack infernooo's thread, but for commercial sauces it really depends first
on whether you want the sauce to have artificial smoke flavoring in it or not. If
your meat leans on the bland side you might prefer to have the smoke flavor come from the sauce. If this is the case, by a large
margin, my favorite is Head Country. It's a well balanced sauce but with quite a bit
of hickory smoke flavorings in it. I like this on hamburgers when I'm not in the mood
for ketchup and mustard... Otherwise, I really dont need extra smoke flavor.

For a vinegar sauce, so far I haven't found anything over the counter in the league
with Blues Hog Tennessee Red. It is FABULOUS all by itself. We use it straight up
on pork and it is included as part of our competition sauce. It's going to be tough to
find a better vinegar sauce anywhere/anytime. Note: It is spicy!
Lake Dogs is spot on, it really does depend what you are looking for in a sauce, and if you want a sweet, spicy, vinegar-based, thick or thin sauce, with or without smoke flavour.

LakeDogs: I have found another sauce that I would say is a competitor with blues hog red, and it is Smihfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q Grilling & Dipping Sauce (
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