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somebody shut me the fark up.

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FINALLY I get to participate in a Throwdown again!

First off, what about Blues Hog sauces? Isn't he a Brethren?

Here's a thread I posted last night when I started a cook of a 12 lb picnic butt, rubbed with Simply Marvelous Cherry Rub....

It's still ongoing (in the cooler right now) but later when I pull the meat and make up a plate or sammie, I'll post more pron in that thread.

So far, here's a couple of highlites.....

MAN it's nice to be smokin' again.....been too long!

Am I actually the first entry?

OH....another thing......this may sound crazy, but I don't see in the rules where there's anything to prohibit someone from making duplicate entries.....??? I plan on smoking a couple of chickens and perhaps a ham tomorrow with some Plowboy's. I figure while I'm in, I may as well be ALL in. Cool?
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