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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Default MUCH Anticipated Picnic Smoke

So the last time the smoker's been fired up was New Year's Day!!!!!

Seems I've always had SOMETHING to take me away from home or at the minimum from smokin. NO MORE I SAY, NO MORE!!!!

I went to Wally World last night and picked up a monster 12 lb picnic butt.

Alarm goes off at 2 am, up like a shot (OK, not exactly ), and it's time for those all too familiar scenes to remind me why I love this chit........
Charcoal lit with chunks of apple and cherry tucked in throughout.....

Full moon looking over.....

Nice lookin' roast.....

I ordered this stuff a while back and just have NOT had the chance to use it! This stuff smells AWESOME Steph! I've used it before with Chambers, but haven't had the pleasure to at home yet.....UNTIL NOW!!

Butt rubbed......

The drum is slowly coming up to temp, meat's hangin' out and now I sit here once again in the middle of the night posting on this ROCKIN forum!!!

I'll be puttin' the meat on soon and climbing back into bed next to the wife's warm body........

.......HERE WE GO!
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