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Talking Hypno-Meatloaf, Taters, & The Nekkid Fatty! (Pron)

Some days, you just want Meatloaf. It's an American Institution after all! The other day, I had a hankering for this classic but, when I went into the freezer, no matching ground meats were to be found. The decision was quickly made that because of this, Hypno-Meatloaf was required. While I was at it I also decided that I wanted a good ole fashion Nekkid Fatty to have for breakfast throughout this week. But, that comes later.

How did I get started? Simple, I started by going on Ustream and firing up the webcam!
For those who don't feel like watching my ugly mug, I took 1lb of 90/10 beef and 1lb of 90/10 chicken, mixed 1/2 cup of stuffing into each along with 1 egg and 2 Large TBS of BBQ Sauce.
Then each got layed out, then rolled up, and dropped into a loaf pan.

From this point it went onto the OTG set for stun (indirect). With the vents barely open for the first 40 minutes and then cranked wide open for the last half an hour. At this point I also threw on the Nekkid fatty dusted with some of my rub.

While this was all cooking. I whipped up some killer smashed taters.
6 taters peeled and cubed then cooked till soft in boiling water.
1/3 stick of buttah smashed in with the taters.
1/2 cup milk and
2 Tbs salt (to taste) get mixed in with the smashed taters.

Here was the Hypno-meatloaf fresh from the grill. Yep, I got side tracked and forgot to sauce the top but, no biggie.

We sliced it up and served it right on top of the taters. The swirl wasn't as pronounced as I usually like but, the taste totally made up for it.

The fatty came off about the same time as the meatloaf.

This got plastic wrapped and fridged til breakfast the next day where it was sliced up for a Fatty, Egg, & Cheese Sammich!

The day after that I sliced some more off and tried to make a Fatty Fritata but, the pan had other ideas so, I just turned it into a pile of stuff.

The fatty was the gift that kept on giving. I got another sammich out of it and a breakfast wrap before it was gone.

Thanks for looking!
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