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Originally Posted by G$
It is now 1:45. Chuck and Butt went on the smoke at 7:15.

I just coolered the chuck roasts 199*. The kinda shot up on me, but still seem very tender. I foiled them around 170 and put them in a 215* oven until now when they went in the cooler.

Butt is at 160*, still on smoke.

I did what I will call an Atomic Mastadon Turd. You may have done this before: just like an ABT but using a big poblano instead. I cut off the top and removed the seeds. Then I stuffed it with cubed and sliced cheddar/jack, brisket rubbed fatty meat, and drippings. I really crammed the cheese on there. Put the top back on, put a metal skewer through to help hold it together, wrapped it with about 7 pieces of bacon and put it on the bottom rack. Took a few hours, but the bacon crisped nice and held the whole thing together well enough to slice in to coll looking servings.

I learned a lot today. Because of the width of the chuck roasts, they really wreaked havoc on pit temps throughout the chamber. When below the butt, they were a barrier to heat getting to the top. When above the butt, the top of the chamber was the hottest part - even right above the roasts. I had a fair amount of trouble keeping temps low so far - my coal bed started big and stayed that way. I am afraid they may be a little too crusty due to some high heat, but we will see.

I defintely need to work on smoking more than 2 large cuts at once. Adding a third presented a challeng I was not anticipating.
Its all about learning! I commented to my wife this evening that each time I cook something (tonight it was brisket), it gets a little bit better.

The Atomic Mastodon Turd sounds great! My cholesterol went up 5 points just reading about it!
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