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Originally Posted by IDODSICK View Post
after 5 cooks ive noticed a weird temp spike after two hours. ive done a butt, two pork
loins, fattie, and a chuck roast. they all shared the same spike around two hours. it only went up to about 280 and i was able to dial it back down. is this from the meat starting to render fat? anyone else experienced this? is this just the way my drum is going to cook?
I have just done my 3rd cook on my UDS. It does seem to be a little finicky in the first few hours and it does seem the temperature rises some at about 2 hours. I think it is probably just part of getting it stabilized. I have also experienced a drop in temperature at 6 to 8 hours when cooking a lot of meat (3 butts). I think this is due to moisture and grease smothering the coals some. After adjusting the air intake it was rock solid for the remainder of the time. When finished there was a lot of moisture in the bottom. All in all I am impressed and very pleased with the UDS. It does a great job.
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