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IF you are hoping to clear 1K per week, that is great... BUT... be prepared to also take in nothing, or very little, the market can be a fickle lady. I have not personnally started my vending/catering as of YET, but I am prepared (or at least will be) for the short cash flows.
How will you pay your notes when you cant put anything in your pockets? If you have a minimum income requirement... can you adjust it? Change of lifesyle? Can you live below your means?
There will be times of feast and times of famine, are you ready?
PLEASE dont think I am trying to discourage you for your plans/goals, but that is one of the many aspects that need to be considered. I wish you the very best of luck and fortune.

As far as the fax thing goes... I would think that a personal visit to the business by you, would be a much better approach. It tell the other business owners/employees, that you take pride in what you do, and that you have a personal interest in advertising your services... cold/unsolicited faxes are just that...cold, and often end up in the trash. Unless... the bus/indiv "opts in" to get your fax, but you will only determine that by seeing somone face to face. Facebook and twitter, seem to be the media choices for mostly the "younger generations", but how will you market to the older generations that dont do alot of computer stuff (or at least the FB/Twit stuff)
Just thinkin...
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