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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
My view on this DS, is that I will always take the issues of success over failure in business. It is important to know how much you can deliver and to cut it off when it gets there. But, having run businesses for over 25 years, I will always take the issues of turning away work than having none.
And i agree with you 100% and that's why i said you have to be prepared. I myself was in the service sector for car dealerships we did very well but with success comes a lot more responsibility people always think about how great it is to have a striving business and it is especially ifs it your start up. Its your child to watch to nurture and grow it to the monster you it want it to evolve into. My only point was if he plans to be a one man band he is the chef the short order ,delivery,accountant and 15 other hats that we all have to wear when your in business for yourself. All it takes is a couple botched up meals because your overloaded and look out.
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