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You can double check with your county health department but my guess is your concept isn't legal. Basically, in NY you cannot use your home kitchen commercially, period.

Not to say you couldn't work out of your home, you just need a completely seperate kitchen with all the normal HD requirements: 3 bay stainless steel sink, hand washing station, NSF approved cold holding, etc. You can get the specifics from your county HD. Some are worse than others but there is a set of minimums across the state.

All that food would then need to be cooled in the proper manner, again, there is an approved HD method; and then held at the appropriate temp overnight and again reheated in the HD approved manner.

If someone suggests the "hey, I'm just a personal chef" route; nope. At least in NY, it doesn't exist. Not in any of the counties I operate in anyway.

From a fax standpoint, I work for a doc management company and we sell specific applications to intercept those sort of things electronically and delete them so a customer never sees them.

The only way I found to make my situation profitable was to become mobile. If I'm short on my profits for a week I can set up outside the local bars in the college town on Friday and Saturday nights. However, that basically means an HD approved kitchen on wheels. Especially difficult and pricey with BBQ in the case of the counties I have dealth in that: 1. HD guys seem to be wary of a BBQ menu. I don't know if it has to do with the explosion of guys jumping into it or what. If you wanted to sell hots and hamburgers you could start tomorrow with the cash in your pocket. 2. Fire codes. After you talk to HD, talk to the local FD to find out about any hang ups over smokers. Don't know what you plan on using for gear.

Then there's the gear ...

They don't make it easy in NY.
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