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Default Here we go!

First, I'm not going to tell you how much I paid for this lamb. But I can tell you it was good.

Unlike Gore, I find it difficult to play with my food so often. And I just could not bring myself to grind it.

Sharon is off to a Fashion Show in Palm Beach no less so it is a good day for lamb.

I started with a double chop of domestic lamb. Just enough for me. I kept it kind of simple with rosemary, garlic, red pepper, sugar snap peas, and mango sauce.

I ground the rosemary and garlic in my best olive oil and coated the chop and let it rest and sink in. And I roasted the red pepper on the performer while getting it hot for the Lamb.

On she went. Sure looks lonesome on that big grill.

While the Lamb was on I sauted the snap peas in butter. And of course I had to do something with the Mango sauce. Into a pan with a pat of butter and then some balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. I let that reduce and thicken. I did not want it too sweet and it came out perfectly.

The chop came off at 130, and I split it in half, placed it over some spicy yellow rice, add the snap peas with the roasted pepper. Then spread some of the mango sauce around the edge.

This was to die for. I wasn't sure how the sauce would work with the lamb, but what little sweetness there was ,was offset by the garlic and rosemary. And to my surprise, I believe the sauce put it over the top.

Sharon is going to wish she was home for this one.

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