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I would think this... youll want to close your eyes and envission this as I describe it... oh wait... if you close your eyes, you wont be able to read.... ok then....

From the pump outlet... to a "T" one side will go to hot and the other to cold... from the hot side of the T to the heater inlet... then the hot water out to your faucets.

Hrom the cod side of the T to your cold faucets.

Now, unless you are planning on using a small presure tank (befor the T) be prepared for the water pesure to drop if you yurn on mor than one faucet. (this is what I would reccomend doing... more cool down time for the pump)

Also, I would reccomend insulating your Hot water line to help retain the heat, and help your wash temps come out to code/regs.

Have you thought about an "on demand" water heater? They are a bit more pricy, BUT in the long run you wont be drawing down amps or using more LP than you need for the usage... Not haveing to KEEp it hot... also consider the fact when you are not powered up, you will have to expend EXTRA fuel/amps to RE heat the tank again.

by branching off the T to both the hot and cold, any time you use the hot, the pump will kick in to refill.

Im not sure about your State, but some states will even count the # of gallons in your hot water tamk as water storage, so make sure your gray water capacity (%)accounts for that as well.

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