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Both Mike and I have the BSKD's, still working on modding them out completely, any other advice on gear we should acquire before hand. Any advice or comments are welcome and incouraged
Why, pray tell, are you waiting till next year?
If you have 2 BSKD's, you are more than ready
Actually, one is plenty. Most Backyard events are ribs and chickie (though they do vary) and a BKSD will cook up several slabs and 20 chickie thighs to select from. You will have room left over for a ton of ABTs and Fatties to munch on. Those meats even use the same basic temps, with the chickie being a bit higher, but close enough--they need to be on the bottom (hotter part) anyway.
Heck, if it is Ribs and Chickie, you can get a good nights sleep and light the fire at 5AM or so to make normal turn-in times. What a deal
You will need some bus tubs or something to wash up in and some way to heat water. Turkey fryer heats water great. Need a card table and a couple of chairs for personal comfort and snacks/etc. Obviously need a couple of coolers including a dry cooler to hold the ribs.

Don't stress over secret or special spices and rubs. Just pick a stock one you like, tweak it a bit if you feel the need, and go cook! The exotics are used by the SuperStars and I bet alot of them just tweak stock stuff anyway. For the Chickie, marinate them a couple of hours in a good Italian Dressing. Could not be easier

Ya got the equipment. Like Emeril says--"This ain't Rocket Science here...".

You live in the center of the FBA circuit and there are many more events near you this year.

SO--GO COOK and have fun!


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