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Well, just to get you in the throwdown mood, click here and turn up the volume

YouTube - Stevie Ray Vaughan - Mary had a Little Lamb

I feel a bit sheepish entering this so early, but I just had a feeling that so many of ewe were planning to do the same thing, especially Chris, so I wanted to lead the flock. This was definitely a joint effort with ecode. We flipped to see who would submit this and ... I think I lost. Hopefully, this entry will not be too baaaaa'd. The last time we made gyros was right after we got our sausage maker and after eating the best gyros in the world for weeks, we never wanted to see another one again for as long as we lived. That was many years ago. The good news is we've recovered! This time we ground up a well-trimmed leg in the Cuisinart and added oregano, salt, pepper, rosemary, and well-ground garlic and onion:

We rolled these into a number of fatties and seared at 500* for about 10 minutes. I then put them in the oval at 275* for about an hour, until the internal temp hit 165*. I foiled until they were cooled and then began the real work. You see, I wanted to make these fatties a sheer delight and make sure there was no mistaking that you would be voting for lamb. I began the assembly of the fatties:

Of course the lamb needs a coat and mashed potatoes seemed a perfect compliment:

We added a few extra pieces to complete the assembly (use this pic):

Well, I realized that this sheep looked awfully familiar and that the Wallace and Gromit crowd had been making donairmations for years.

YouTube - Shaun the sheep Theme song

So, in the end we decided to sheer him and eat him for dinner. Can't say that Shaun was very happy being sheered:

He sure tasted good though!
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