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yeah.. there's money in it. most of the books out there by the famous q-legends say that they all got started cooking for family and friends and................ we do a decent amout of catering.. what we do is mostly drop and go. what you really have to do is know your costs, for everything. pans, spices, fuel (wood/charcoal and for the car). we figured all that out and then looked at other folks in towns prices. i think that we have higher quality food for lower prices. is it "legal"... not in the slightest. for now its just for friends of the family etc.. done some on the side of the road and stuff. didn't care for that all in all. but the caterings fun. figure out what a "small party" is. for us its 20 people. like someone else said, its a lot of work/hours to do this "easy" food. $150 is my minimum. we do about 800-1000 a month maybe in sales.. not bad for a part time hobby. good luck.. and don't have to justify the expense of the rig to the wife by selling it as a business opportunity.. she knows you're talking out yoru arse!! hahahaha
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Ive been entertaining the notion of spending a few grand on a trailered smoker to have the ability to do small events and other personal ventures. I take tons of pride in making food for any size get together. Ive always had a passion for cooking and have been thinking about the idea of eventually dabbling with catering.

Well what do ya know, someone put up their rig on CL yesterday. Its a Meadow Creek TS-250 w/ warming box on a large flat trailer along with a BBQ-42 Charcoal Chicken Cooker and a little 3 burner propane grill. It seems ideal as a great starter since you have a large smoker plus the ability to do other various foods like chicken, burgers, etc.

So is there a PROFIT to be made from casual catering? Can I justify this investment with the notion I can at least make my money back doing parties and small events? From there hopefully I get a name out and try to go full legit and be able to feed the general public (I might have an IN with the HD, or at least someone to help me out) Though as I say that, how much money roughly does it cost to go legal?

Basically its been a fun idea Ive been entertaining, but with the opportunity of someone selling a decent setup in my area Im really thinking about jumping in.

What do ya think?
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