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To be fair I am an accountant by trade. So I will fall on the very conservative side of any process of getting projections, estimates etc. I'll scrutinize anything.

Originally Posted by jbrodgers View Post
Fair enough Bama, and good points all.
I do belive the market to be not overly saturated, I found many Q joints around here, but quite frankly, none have actually been to my taste (save for one).
Ill make my Q and sauce on a rig offshore several times and on several rigs, and sorta used that as some P&D research... about 90% of the folks who ate my Q said they loved it and would drive some distances to get it if I had a place to sell it... Even thought about pre-packaging it and putting it in stores... tooooo costly... nuf said on that ,,,
I once lived in a town in Missouri that had a population of 5K and had 4 places to buy pizza. Ilke you said, there was a demand for it... BBQ on the otherhand... had nowhere to get any unless you drove 35 miles away, and that was to a chain Q joint. Suddenly 2 Q joints popped up in this town of 5K, within 2-3 months... less than 6 months later... one was closed, and the other quit sellin Q and stayed a bar... go figure. I ate at both of them and neither one was very good, as well as other observations... They did try to do too much, too expensively, too fast... I learned just from those observations. The Q trailrs I did see makin $$ hand over fist were the ones who were coming IN for fairs, fete's, and festivals. A very valuable tool it was. Can give specifics on who, how and where if you PM me.
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