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Fair enough Bama, and good points all.
I do belive the market to be not overly saturated, I found many Q joints around here, but quite frankly, none have actually been to my taste (save for one).
Ill make my Q and sauce on a rig offshore several times and on several rigs, and sorta used that as some P&D research... about 90% of the folks who ate my Q said they loved it and would drive some distances to get it if I had a place to sell it... Even thought about pre-packaging it and putting it in stores... tooooo costly... nuf said on that ,,,
I once lived in a town in Missouri that had a population of 5K and had 4 places to buy pizza. Ilke you said, there was a demand for it... BBQ on the otherhand... had nowhere to get any unless you drove 35 miles away, and that was to a chain Q joint. Suddenly 2 Q joints popped up in this town of 5K, within 2-3 months... less than 6 months later... one was closed, and the other quit sellin Q and stayed a bar... go figure. I ate at both of them and neither one was very good, as well as other observations... They did try to do too much, too expensively, too fast... I learned just from those observations. The Q trailrs I did see makin $$ hand over fist were the ones who were coming IN for fairs, fete's, and festivals. A very valuable tool it was. Can give specifics on who, how and where if you PM me.
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