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Thanks Rick for your candor. I hope you and your wife all the best, and pray that this economy gets better for all of us.
I dont take folks advice as destructive, rathe I DO take it constructively, and that is why I also forbare those who second guess me or my motives. Ill give anyone a chance and do my best to explain myself to them if asked appropriately, not saying that you are one of them. But if slammed I will come back hard but fair. Like said... constructive critisizm and questions are one thing, but anything else is a detraction to the thread.
Im sur efor some it IS lucritive and for others its a "by the skin of our teeth" endeavor. I have to realize that some do well, some dont... some are real and some are fakes... can I tell who's who? No. not really... so I have to take these folks here at face value, until they or someone else proves otherwise, but even the best backyarder will have some valuable advice... I guess its all how you look at it... call it the "zen of the Q"

God Bless, good luck
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