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Nice point raco- let me explain
I can go to research firms, nat rest assn, SBA, and state specific industr guides and get general numbers of restaurants that include fast food, fast casual, white cloth etc., and some of that info is only for sale or for members only. In my attempting to keep my budget down (not neccesarily debt free), I choose to bypass some of these pay sources, and ask the folks here directly (or indirectly). You see, even though these numbers are available for a fee, they wont specifically break down BBQ into roadside stands/trialers, fairs/festivals, take-out Q, or full fleged sit down joints, or catering only. I am interested in the nubers (or average numbers) of covers (people eating @ a particular place) seen on average, by day of week, that Q vendors have experienced... this includes legal, legit, HD inspected trucks/trailers/huts, AND those not so legit/legal or inspected- its just the numbers Im lookin fer. Its not like I'm asking for trade secret, trademarked, patented, copyrighted recipes, or plannin on parking next next to them or across the street. just foot numbers/trafic.

Know all about the I'm sorry, Ididnt mean to sound arrogent... and Im STILL doin my research. I dont presume to know how many customers I will have, but I can get a fair average of PROJECTED possibilities, using various sources, and use those averages to customize my percentages to the traffic counts at my planned location, based off of city traffic counts for the intersection... THEN I will use those nubers to determine 1. Is this a good location 2. Are the projected numbers in MY favor for possible proffit?

Remeber... there is a difference in projected, assumed, actual. Projected uses collected data, assumed is just a guess, and actual comes after the projections and guessing. where your "actual" comes out could be effected by the first two. I prefer to get my pro-forma as close as I can. Even if I do not use any financial institution for funding, the data still helps me in my decission making (and that includes a business plan...I like to see/plan my goals in B/W).

Know all about THIS business??... no not all, but give it time... hee hee
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