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Thanks for the advice porkqpine...
However, I do have experience 19 yrs of food services and 7 of those as Exec Chef. I agree to the not getting in debt and am doin everything I possibly can to lower what debt I may incure. As far as the micro-lenders... they are not Friends or family, they are in fact legit micro lenders recomended by SBA Louisiana.

Mr. "Smoke it"... if roadside doesnt have enough customers, perhaps you may be on the wrong road. This is where detailed research comes in for all aspects of this craft. Thus my purpose for being here... research. I look for the numbers, gather the data (if its shared), then make my forecast/decision.

I know there are many "Q"ers out there who make a decent living working roadside/corners... unless they just really like spendin $$ on product they dont sell, or a hobby that brings in enough $$ for that nights beer run, or are self made wealthy and need something to do to keep from gettin board... then they must be makin at least some $$... or are just REALLY hard up for punishment. Food services are time-taxing and in general, not an easy life, but ya gotta absolutely LOVE what ya do.

We all have different opinions on if this type of venture will work, probably based on one experiece or another, some good some bad, and some just dont want the competition... no matter where they live... it is a cutthroat business, unfortunately.

Fortunately... there are some who make a decent living, love the customers, have good (and bad) experiences, love the comoradery amongst other Qers, and have general well wishes for their close competitors, and ARE willing to help with advice to ther distant "brothers in smoke"

Confidence in my product... go it! This aint my first gig, but it is my first rig on my own.

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