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IMHO, if a home refer can keep product to proper temp (be it cold or frozed), and can be easily cleaned, I would have no problems w/ using one. I might have to get more than one for capacity sake, but hey, if I can pick up 2 for the price of half of a commercial unit... AND, I can replace/repair, easier/cheaper if needed. Commercial grade isn't always better I have found.
BUT... I know that some folks in some states are only supposed to use NSF refers/freezers... sounds like big govt kick back from the NSF or the commercial manufacturers to me
HOWEVER... I think it would be wise to say, that IF I plan on doing gigs out of state and that state's (whatever it may be) HD requires ONLY NSF w/o exception... then perhaps I should got to the higher level and get the NSF models...just in case...
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