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Default Failed Brisket (problem solving)

Hey all, just wanted to share my by far worst failure. I tried a new recipe yesterday I screwed it up some way.

I started out with a 11-12 packer, trimmed it, injected with Kosmos, used Bovine bold as the rub, put her in at 250, the smoker DID climb to 280 at times, in 4 hours it was 160-170. I then put it in an alum pan with .25 inches of beef broth and covered it. At this point in the next 6 hours it only got to 190. The recipe I was following suggested it would take about 3 hours to get to 195 and i wasnt there in 6! I pulled it cause it was getting late.

Now, i never got to let it rest or anything and this pick is actually from today after it was in the fridge but it was damn dry.

Just wondering where exactly did I go wrong?

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