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Default Re: Time requirements for 7 bone Chuck

Originally Posted by G$
You all have discussed smoking chuck roast before, many, many, many times, (in threads with horribly vague titles such as "How to smoke chuck?" and "chuck roll /chuck roast??" .....). I intend on doing some this weekend to pull. I'll be doing probably a 4 pound bone in and season it like a brisket smoking at 220*, foiling around 165*, and coolering around 195* .

My real question is related to time though. I seem to recall hearing that for some reason a chuck roast takes forever to come up to temp, like up to three(!) hours a pound to get above 190. If this is the case, I need to know ahead of time, so my in-laws are not hanging around till midnight.

What's the verdict? Is this thing gonna outlast my 6 lb pork butt in the smoker?
I think ya kinda sorta got it right.. Chuck roasts(chusck) roasts can take real long to get tender enuf to pull. Even once they get up to temps, they are still real tough. I would count on about an hour:15-hour:30 per lb. Ones I did last weekend went for 10 hours. Think they were 5+ lbers. I foil them at 165-170 and finished in a 210 degree oven till they fall apart.

Go by tenderness, not temperature. Even when they reach 190, they may still be tough. Keep them in a low temp oven, around 210. No higher than 220.

BTW, your 6lb put will go for 9 hours also. Butts are an hour:30 per lb.
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