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Originally Posted by btcg View Post
I saw that one too, and enjoyed it. I will not buy a Stoker until that satisfy you. Wait.... that doesn't sound right... well you know what I mean. ;)

well he did fix it ... just wasn't that gracious about it. I got a working stoker BECAUSE i made the videon I am convinced because even though he looked at the control box he never replaced it until after the "failed" video was made... in fact... in the second video there you can tell I was simply filming what I thought would be a success.

the truely bad behaivior was with the other forum. and now that i reflect, and think about this forum... I came here sort of gilted on forums... with baggage... maybe I am like the wife you get that has all the baggage from the last guy... then after a long tulmutous marraige... finally realizes your not the doofus her last husband was...
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