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Thanks to both of you for your opinions. Ya see, I live paycheck to paycheck and w/ that in mind... have no extra "fluid" income to invest in the 100% option you are thinking of. I have my 20% saved or available to me, just not 100%. I do have a couple of micro-loans lined up that will get me to my starting point (along w/ my presonal sources).
You see, the 2 micro-lenders are asking for the business plan/projected proformas. I do thank you for your concern though. I do understand the hrs involved as well as my family. I have been in FS for over 19 years, I know the life, I know the struggles.

The point of my post is not whether anyone agrees to my need of a business/financial/marketing plan for a RSS, but rather to those who ARE doing it, if they would be willing to share with me, the numbers (on average) of how many RSS walk up sales they experience per day of the week, so I can do what I have to do to appease these investors. Thats all Im looking for.
As for the Lowes, I can understand why the #s have decreased... they had to raise their prices on their items to accomodate the fees charged by the company who contracts them to set up at Lowes... as well as the economy helping to make matters worse.
So with all that in mind, please accept my appologies if I may have seemed rude in my response.
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