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Originally Posted by RICK Allen View Post
So you can present it for funding ? that says you have no sales ? Why would someone want to invest in something you haven't used your own money in to, start and become a business, I have been in business for 25 yrs bin broke at least 4 or 5 times but still will not give up the farm not to have to work for anybody Let alone have to convince someone to buy a share of my dream, P.S. thru these hard times I'm broke again

That was going to be my reply post.

There aint a bank in the world that will fund a roadside stand, thus i was wondering why waste the time doing a plan.
I started with my own money and invested in myself and did fine. Had i kept at it, i could have gotten a loan on the business i had built.

IMPOSSIBLE to project numbers on that. To many factors.
Meat prices, weather, location, what if nobody likes your food?
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