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Originally Posted by otterpop View Post
Well I finished most of my 1st UDS build on Saturday and fired it up at 8 a.m. Superbowl Sunday to smoke some ribs and wings for the game. I guess I found out how little I know about smoking, when compared to grilling. I didn't really know what temperature I was hoping to stabilize at, but guessed at 275, and couldn't really nail it down. After 5 hours between 250 and 275, the flavors were great but the meat a bit dry and not moist enough. So I learned a lot, but need to learn more. What temp should I be targeting?

Here's a few pics of my project. Also, when it rained, I got sooty water dripping off the lid and onto the sides of the drum. It was an old Weber lid, maybe I need to clean the inside of the lid, or is it normal to get drips like that?
The drips down the side are normal, I just wipe it down when I'm done, it get's the worst of it off.

Trim the spares and remove the membrane. The trimming's are thinner and will cook faster. You might have just left them on to long. Did you do the bend test on the ribs, to see if they were done? I do my ribs @ 225-250.

The wings look good to me, if they were dry, maybe just cooked to long. Hard to get a good temp on them, I just go by color. Thats why you need some extra to sample as their cooking.

Edit: What size probe is on the thermometer? Is it 12" or on the side and did you check it for accuracy.(boil test)
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