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Found some matches.
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Firing my first UDS butt now after reading 350 some pages. Kept it a simple design 3 3/4 inlets with fridge magnets. Basket made from an old well tank. 22.5 inches above charcoal grate is my cooking grate. Going to add a second grate 1 inch below top. Cut off the bead to fit a weber lid nice and snug. Had a little problem this morning getting some random lump my wife bought, so i threw the butt in the oven and refired some KF, shes chuggin along at 230 now. I am without computer after a power surge but will post pics soon. On a side note i purchased my barrel from a pawn shop in MN on Ebay. $30 delivered to my door. Had the pesky red liner. Nothing a couple burns and a few hours with a wire wheel couldnt manage. Thanks for the support.
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