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Default Best location for probe

ok brethern dudes. I'm trying to take beer butt chicken to another level. I know how to prep it and cook it so it isn't underdone. However I seem to regularly overdo it a bit and end up with a bird that falls apart. It's still good to us a bit on the mushy side.

So, I have this new gadgetry. Maverick Redi Check 2 channel wonder gizmo. I'm going to use this dude to perfect some of my stuff and one of them is hammered yardbird. Question is, where is the optimum place to stick the probe?

My first thought is to stick it through mid breast until is hit bone adn then back it out about 18" - 1/4".

What say ye?

While I'm at it, do you guys close up the necks or leave them open? I have always pinned shut with toothpicks to trap moisture. I have never had one go dray but wondered what ya'll do.

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