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Default Lined Barrel - I'm Grinded out

I picked up a fruit juice barrel with the red liner. I burned a giant fire Friday night. Sat morning, I hooked up a steel wire cup and started grinding. The outside was bare metal easily, but the inside was not easy at all. Some spots are almost bare metal, some not. I worked on it for about an hour straight, but the inside is not bare metal. My question:

Would it be possible to season the inside with oil, get a couple rounds of smoke/heat through it, then use without the inside being bare metal?

As many UDS pros as are here, has anyone been faced with the same issue, and what was the outcome? I've read, in this forum, that a weed burner to the outside of the drum is a good way. What is the negative of leaving it as is and attempting to use it. Thx - Drew
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