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Default WSM Fire Control

So I got this new Mavrick 372 from 5-0 BBQ. It is fantastic, the range is more than I will ever need.

However, I got ribs on and want 250 or less, but it's soaring to 300.

So I go out and pull everything off to see if I could figure out just what was happening. Dumb Jim, the back vent is wide open!

But I remember closing it! NO Dumb A$$ you opened it. You all need to know that I am just slightly handicapped (not mental) and I can't bend over to see what position the vents are in. Let alone move one.

To me, then look like they are open when closed and versa-visey.

I am going to have to make some king of a mod that will enable me to reach the vent and tell just what position the darn thing is in. At least until I can afford to buy a guru or stoker of whatever strikes me when the time comes

But, the darn thing is still running at 280 with all the vents closed except for the dome being wide open.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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