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Originally Posted by Captain P.J. View Post
For discussions sake... what would be some of those rookie mistakes? Besides the obvious ones of having enough time for cooking the meat and holding temps...
The ones I know of...

1. The food is not ready on time, or is never ready.
2. The customer expected one thing, you delivered something else.
3. Someone gets sick or refuses to eat the food due to temperature or serving issues.
4. You over-estimate your time and abilities and do not get to the event on time (I actually pulled this stunt this year and I am not a true rookie, just screwed up)
5. You are crabby and think you are hiding it
6. Not enough food

Now, on number 6, I have had issues with. Some folks are pigs and no reasonable amount of estimating while considering profit can allow for enough food. Also, in catering my sister's wedding, for some reason, despite everyone asking, nay, demanding vegetables (for some reason, the assumption was Bob will just have meat) not one person other then me ate vegetables. There were complaints that there were not enough stuffed mushroom and roast beef. And wedding cake! Who has thirds of wedding cake? Still, many times new to catering folks do not allow for enough food.
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