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Default On second thought...

Originally Posted by ssbbqguy View Post
It scares me to have no more experience than listed and want to have a succesfull event. To be honest if you told me the plan as a customer, I would run away pretty fast. It sounds like a good idea until you ruin some food or miss a important health detail, like holding temps. for instance. Unless one can high heat cook on decent equipment, it's going to be a long night, even with good weather. I'm not sure about you, but when I stay up and cook all night without sleep, it's best to avoid customers that I rely on for income.I sure wouldn't want them as test dummies for novice cooks. Maybe someone close with more experience can help you. You can practice cook on one or two butts, but what about putting ten, twelve on at once? With even temps. they will be done at different times. And then cook other foods? As said ,have you enough coolers, cambros, or other holding units? $200.00 won't cover much. Sorry to sound negative, but it's better to be real instead doing something regrettable. Whatever you decide, just keep the people you're serving safe. Hope it works out. Steve.
Ok I slept on this grand idea and woke up with a change of heart. Also after more reading on the catering forum and advice given here, I am going to go another route. Someone who asks for advice and refuses to heed it is not very smart. I don't want to be "not very smart". Emotion of wanting to do BBQ aside, I think I'd be pretty stupid to try this at this time with what I don't know.

Yeah, I became aware of how much I don't know yet. (16 hours!? Farking YIKES!) That alone is enough to make me change my mind on the food type. THANK YOU guys for your input there. I have no intentions of pulling an all nighter and don't know enough about food storage, transportation etc to even think I can handle this at this time. I dont' know if I could do it for 20 much less 100 or more.

However! I do know a thing or two about killer tailgating! I've done 3 with some other folks for up to about 300 people at Red Skins games. So I'm changing it to Brats, Italian Sausages, Chicken breasts, pork tenderloins, etc. All cooked on the spot.

You guys are right, now way in he!! I have the gear to turn that many buts or the knowlege at this time, but I can turn the heck out of brats and chicken on the two offsets we have using them as big charcoal grills. It will be like having two big grills and two little grills going.

This way will be safe, fun and heck of lot less stress and work. It will still probably be more like $300+ for everything but at least I will KNOW I can pull it off with what I already know.

One day maybe the other way. This event is not for profit but it could dang sure effect it later.

Thanks again and cya 'round!
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