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Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
To our Aussue brethren, I'm curious. Our globes (here north of the equator) always
have America, Europe, etc. "up" and down would be South America, Africa, Australia,

Globes, in your part of the world, are they reversed from ours? Meaning, are South
America, Africa, Australia "up"?

I guess I live in our "out back". We have deer come through the yard most every
day/night. We'll get an occasional fox now & again. Lots of beaver, especially
when the UGA cheerleaders used to come spend the weekends with us (LONG story).
Yes, lots of snakes too.

Infernoooo, I'm thinkin' about 'ya, mate. Cheers, best of luck. I have Fosters chillin'
in the fridge; will drink these watching the Super Bowl...
Haha, no Sir, our globes are the same ;) I suppose due to the position of the Earth in relation to the sun and rotation on its axis as well as Nth/Sth pole etc ;)

Your sauce is being made today by the way!
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