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Originally Posted by Mister Bob View Post
Infernoo, your review was very thorough and you made some excellent observations. You also started this exercise by admitting it would be a subjective judgment, and that it also was.

Not everyone likes sweet sauce (and not everyone likes tangy sauce or hot sauce or spicy sauce or vinegar sauce or mustard sauce or white sauce...) You thought it was too sweet, and sweet it is, but it's not nearly as sweet as Blues Hog Original for instance (which is winning a lot of comps these days). I did primarily use that sauce for ribs, so you got that part right on!

I also agree that it's too thick to use with pulled pork, and if and when when I used it for that, I thinned it with apple juice and apple cider vinegar mix.

I would NEVER use that sauce on brisket so you made a very good call there too. I rarely use sauce on brisket at all, and when I do it's definitely not a sweet one.

It is good on chicken, especially if you let it burn just a little!

I think your reviews would be better if you rated each sauce on ribs, pork, brisket and chicken separately. IMHO there is no such thing as a universal sauce for all four. It would be like a Swiss Army knife that can do several things, but none as well as the tool that's really designed to do it!

I still think you're doing a good thing and I will continue to follow this thread!

Sorry, admittedly I could have been more clear, but I AM testing each of the sauces on different meats (brisket, ribs, pulled pork and chicken).

Whilst I was hoping for a universal sauce, if the sauce rocks my world on ANY of those 4 test meats, it will get a very high score.

For example, someone may post a recipe that only workscwell with ribs. I may not like it on beef, chicken or pulled pork, but if I take a bite of ribs using that sauce and it blows my mind, that sauce will get a top mark. In other words, the sauce has to be VERY good on one of the big 4.

Thanks for the feedback!
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