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Originally Posted by Groundhog66
Nicely done, infernooo

Originally Posted by landarc
This does point up the one problem with making sauces and not using the rubs designed for use with them. A lot of folks develop sauces to work with their rubs. Still, this looks good. A sweet sauce always has a use.
The first 2 tested did not use rubs, so they are safe ;) as for the rest, I plan on using the exact specified rubs (I have a huge collection of rubs and sauces), and if not, then one as close as possible as specified by the contestant ;)

Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
Well done. I think it's cool that you guys get Hunts and Heinz and Lee & Perrins and
etc. down unda. Curious, looking at a globe, are you guys upside down? <-- guess
this is probably inviting a 5/10 or worse... :-)
Thank you Sir! We actually don't get Hunts, and our Heinz ketchup and Lee & Perrins is slightly different (they use cane sugar, not HFCS - not that I have an issue with HFCS, just letting everyone know the difference in the AU vs US product), but I order a LOT of groceries from the US, which is how I get all of the same brands that the folks on here use.

Everything is upside down and reversed... we ride Kangaroos around the city and venomous snakes frequent our trains and buses. (p.s. just kidding, the chances of seeing a kangaroo anywhere but bush territory is as likely as you guys seeing Beavers running around Times Square)

Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
This is definitely the case with mine. I mean, the sauce is still ok, but
we developed the sauce using a few sauce tasting parties at the house
with one particular rub.

Infernooo, our rub is basically peppers, black, white (not much), chili
peppers (a good chili powder will do), paprika, a little cajun seasoning
as they tend to be salty, some ground chipotle if you have any. Also,
we use a little (because it can get salty too) Caribbean BBQ seasoning,
which if you cant find any try a small amount of a Jerk seasoning; they're
similar.... No sugars; the sauce is PLENTY sweet. It's thin on purpose
so as not to over-power, which is EASILY done.

We use either of two injections on pork. The easiest to duplicate will be
apple juice and worchestershire sauce with the rub (above) in it. Beef
we inject Butchers. Chicken and ribs are marinated (after inspection)
in apple juice, worchestershire, thinned with ice water.

Oh, on the sauce, I pretty much just heat it up to be able to get the
grape jelly to mix in and thin out (using a wisk to mix). Then, off heat.
Dont keep on long enough to reduce and thicken...

... now I'm all worried ...

Thank you for the pointers, will keep them in mind ;)

Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
Infernooooo, I'm looking back at my recipe. It's all correct, EXCEPT I put
worchestershire in by hand (not measuring). Thinking, 6oz is actually 3/4ths of
a cup, right? NO WAY I put that much in. It's a decent amount, but probably 1/3rd
of a cup, say 2 ounces, perhaps 3 ounces. NOT 6.

Dain Bramage....
No problem Sir!

Originally Posted by 1FUNVET View Post
Maybe he will give the winner an all expense paid trip to Austrailia
Haha, if only I could afford that!
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