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Default The Beef Shake - a New way to look at Potroast???

The Shake - Beefpoint0hhh

Some of you may remember this thread -

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Well I got to jackin' round the kitchen and as usual I experiment without the smoker until I have all the non-bbq tweaks finished out. Below is a picture taken from my phone of the Shake Beefpointohhh, coming soon.

Now the logic is the same as I had when I designed the Shake. How can you make smoked pulled pork an elegant affair? A personal pork shoulder? So, the same rules applied. In a normal roast, pork shoulder or otherwise, the individual eater gets a limited amount of "bark." This is because you slice or pull off to the point most of the meat is internal.

The Shake recipe fixes this inequity by segmenting the pork roast in 8 fist size pieces, seasoning them, smoking them to form a bark then braising them in juices and onions. Does it in a fraction of time too! I did this for the rotary and they were DELIGHTED! Each person got a fist size chunks of pork that was full of bark and yet yielded to the fork nicely. It also allowed me to show off my bbq pork but set it next to collards, candied yams and popdaddy's soulbread.

So what about BEEF. In the picture below I separated the chuck roast into 4 pieces, let marinate in sir duke, seasoned george clinton and larry graham, with enough flour to haze the meat a bit. I seared each side (six sides) in the skillet to a d
elicious umbercolor, and poured in my liquid and onions. What you see in half the time are 4 chunks of pot roast with the onions and plum tomatoes topped over and over through the cook until they kind of caramelize with the meat.

I have thrown a few of these chunks in before (with the Pork version's rub though) into a smoker and smoked a bit, froze then pulled out later to finish inside in a braise. I hope to do this recipe later on the smoker... I bet after smoking you could simmer in a dutch oven on top of your stick burner firebox with great success.

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sorry for the quality of the shot but you get the idea
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