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Originally Posted by MilitantSquatter View Post
how did you come up with this as the final plan for your first brisket ?
Read too many topics in here I guess .... ... :D

Actually I had some other things to get done today and was thinking the Coke and Apple Juice would help speed things up a bit.

I also used this thread for pointers;

Total Time: 5 Hours on the Pit, 4 hours in the Oven.
Turned out good. I think next time I'll wrap it earlier.

Lessons Learned;
Must have ALL DAY to Cook. I think next time I'll start earlier, and cook it longer. The day got away from me and I pulled it a couple hours earlier than I wanted to.

For my first Brisket I'm happy with the results. That's also my first Leg Quarters too. Neither the Chicken or the Brisket lasted very long. Not sure if the family was hungry, or it was just that good

I'd also like to hear from anyone about when to add Sauce to a Brisket. I want to make a large amount of that Special Mix Sauce in the pictures for my Brisket. Folks were dipping the Brisket in that sauce like their life depended on it.

Injected with;
4 oz. Apple Juice
mixed 50/50 with
4 0z. Coca-Cola

Covered in;
Nancy's Red River Dirt
Watkins Garlic Powder
Light Salt
Black Pepper(Spice Island Indian Malabar Peppercorn)
Foreman's Seasoning
Zesty Italian(light Coat)

Fat Cap

Meat/FLAT Side

AFTER overnight Marinade
with Apple Juice/Coke injected and light Zesty Italian coated on the outside.

On the PIT; Fat Cap up/POINT towards heat
I started off with about 14 Charcoal Briquetts
mixed with a handful of Hickory Chunks. Gets me to around 220.

Wrapped and into the Oven

Done and Cut up

I mix these to make a GREAT!
Sweet & Tangy Sauce

Had to throw some Leg Quarters on there too,
added that mix sauce on three of them.

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