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Default Brisket Smoking, Pit to Oven, Apple Juice/Coke Injection

Today I'm taking a stab at my first Brisket.

Injected with;
4 oz. Apple Juice
mixed 50/50 with
4 0z. Coca-Cola

Covered in;
Nancy's Red River Dirt
Watkins Garlic Powder
Light Salt
Black Pepper(Spice Island Indian Malabar Peppercorn)
Foreman's Seasoning
Zesty Italian(light Coat)

Fat Cap

Meat/FLAT Side

AFTER overnight Marinade
with Apple Juice/Coke injected and light Zesty Italian coated on the outside.

On the PIT; Fat Cap up/POINT towards heat
I started off with about 14 Charcoal Briquetts
mixed with a handful of Hickory Chunks. Gets me to around 220.

About an hour into I added a large Chuck of Oak on top my coals.
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