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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Talking First UDS finished!

Well I finished my first UDS thanks to you guys! It's got a removable bottom, (the weber lid fits better on the bottom), made from an unlined grease barrel from work (grease comes in a bag), a 1" intake on the opposite side from the 1" ball valve, 12" deep fry thermo mounted under the cooking grate, 1/2" conduit port for my Maverick ET73. It still needs handles and paint (original paint flaking under the lid). Boy, the temps are pretty easy to control too, I filled my charcoal basket full and lit the top with my propane torch, opened the ball valve all the way and removed the cap on the other, settled at 400, capped rear intake, went to my doctor and returned 3 hours later, it settled at 300, chocked it down to half closed and it ran right at 240! I even got it to hold temp at 200! I'm smoking 2 7lb pork shoulders in the morning, will post pics of the result!

Seasoning burn

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