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Originally Posted by drbbq View Post
You seem to be really trying hard to start an argument. Hang around a little and you'll see that this forum really is different. We don't usually fall for that.
I've been around here for a couple of years now, and although I may have used the word argue, what I probably should have said was "partake in good healthy discussion". After all, that's what we're really doing here. There is obviously room for discussion on this matter for a couple of reasons.

1. There are obviously posters in three positions on this.
Those who say it's illegal
Those who say it's legal
And those who don't know.

2. As has been previously stated and re-confirmed by my local KCBS rep to me this morning, the board is discussing this very same topic right now.

I apologize to those who feel I have slighted them or their experience by not being willing to back down because I didn't share their view and would not accept "shut up and color" as an answer. We obviously have folk with lots of BBQ experience in all three categories listed above.

As a follow up, I think from what I was told by my rep this morning, most folks were partially right and partially wrong on their arguments.

According to him:

By the current rules, any piece of meat that is labeled as anything other than a Boston butt, a picnic, or whole shoulder would be illegal.


You are perfectly legal trimming any of those cuts down to whatever size you like prior to cooking so long as the piece you will cook is one piece and weighs 5lbs.
As long as the piece is 5lbs at inspection and it started off as one of the legal cuts, it's legal.

So you cannot show up with something labeled CT trimmed pork collar, but if you buy a shoulder and trim it to the very same piece of meat either on site, or at home prior to arrival, you are well within the rules.

That is why (I've been told) they are discussing the rule now.. Because it is not as clear as some might think.
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