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Exclamation Popdaddy's Legends Code 2.0

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The Legends

As seen on

An Arbitrary Revelation of Why What's What

As Explained By Popdaddy to Pitmaster "T" Over the Bag Phone from His stretch Delorean somewhere in the US.

George Clinton
George Clinton

Brown Sugar
James Brown
James Brown

Little Richard
Little Richard

Onion (Specify Powder or Minced)

Garlic (Specify Powder or Minced)
Rick James
Rick James

Chaka Kahn
Chaka Kahn - Careful now and wait for it 2:30

Black Pepper
Larry Graham
Larry Graham

Red Pepper or Cayenne-

Bootsie Collins
Bootsy Collins

Tina turner
Tina Turner

Bell Pepper
Archie Bell and the Drells
Archie Bell and the Drells

Large Grained “Smokin Stuff”
Sam Cooke
Sam Cooke

A Taste of Honey
Taste of Honey

or this Taste of HoneyHA HA
Jessica Alba Moves
Wild Honey - Jessica Alba

Corn Syrup (Dark only – there is no light)
YouTube - Jackie Wilson - Baby Work Out
Jackie Wilson

Mustard (Specify Powder or Prepared)
Fred Wesley
Fred Wesley

Worcestershire Sauce
Sir Duke
Sir Duke

B. B. King

Sly Stone

Tomato Paste
The Family Stone
Family Stone

Chili Powder
Carlos Santana

Lemon Juice
Chubby checker
Chubby Checker

Michael Jackson (Watch Entirely)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Aretha Franklin

Teena Marie
Teena Marie

George Benson

Francine "Peaches" Barker
Francine "Peaches" Barker

Richard Pryor
Coke – note 2:00 LOL

Colt 45 or Equivalent

Billy D. Williams

Olive Oil
Jesse Johnson

Frank Sinatra as suggested by by thirdeye 2-21-09)

Cooking Terms

To Smoke

Smokey Robinson
Smokey Robinson

To Roast - Get it in a Dark Closet with some Sam Cooke

Smoke at a higher temp than just low and slow

Time of Cook

Morris Day
= Hours

The Time

= Minutes

To Boil

Mother Popcorn

To Reheat or Heat – As In Turn the
Heat wave

up to a Mother Popcorn

To Simmer

Phillip Bailey – 2:15 Check it out

To Chill
Cold Sweat

To Sautee

To Blend
Make it Funky

To Baste or Mop
Do the
Camel Walk About 50 seconds into this

To Marinate Overnight
Boogie Night

Spoiled or nasty as in the opposite of Funky (Good)
James Taylor

To Rest

Hit It and Quit

Put on a Lid or Cover
Close the High Hat Up Click carefully

Lower the Heat
Back off your Mics (Microphones)

Popdaddy is Dead - 1933-2011 - Pitmaster T is a free agent

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