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Just go to your butcher and tell him you want this: (this is THE Boston Butt specification)

Item No. 406 - Pork Shoulder, Boston Butt, Bone-In - This item is as described in Item No.
403 except that the picnic is removed as described in Item No. 405. Skin, neck bones and
related cartilage shall be removed. At least traces of false lean (M. trapezius) shall be
exposed. When specified, the neck shall be removed by a straight cut approximately parallel
to the loin side, immediately anterior to the half moon muscle (M. pectorales profundus).

Except tell him you don't want the cut specified in the last sentence. The one that starts, "When specified". ("when specified" are key words)

100% legal, and you get meat you wouldn't if they made that cut.
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