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Originally Posted by dmprantz View Post
I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not, but the IMPS/NAMP documents not only describe what the cuts of meat are, but they are instruction manuals for how to butcher an entire animal. You have to know which muscle is which and what the dorsal side is, etc, but if you know enough swine or bovine A&P, you can start with a whole carcass and create properly butcher the animal. The European guide which has been mentioned a few times in this thread has similar instructions, but they differ: They may say to cut a different muscle, or to cut the same muscle in a different place, or same with bones, fat, or connective tissue. And this is what I have been trying to get at the whole thread: Are we concerned with what the cut is called, or what the meat is?


I don't care what it's called if it's a butt, as we have known it. If it's a different cut, containing different muscles the field is no longer level. I don't care if it comes from the shoulder. The rules, as they are written, exist to establish a fair contest for anyone that chooses to enter.
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