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Originally Posted by dmprantz View Post
Very interesting, thanks! Presuming this is accurate (and I have no reason to suspect it's not) it sounds like this could get quite confusing, and some butts may have more MM on them than others. I would guess someone should ask the KCBS if they consider a European cut butt legal, and if not, clarify in the rules that the cuts defined should conform to IMPS/NAMP standards and definitions....that is if you're really concerned that someone is going to use a European butt and shouldn't. Anything short of that is playing word games and semantics, or leaving too much undocumented IMO.

FWIW, the Rules committee is actively reviewing rule changes right now, so it would be a good time to do it!

Bingo that is exactly what it is, they have a standard way of breaking right along with the French, and Austria. I had a lengthy conversation with a BOD member last night about adopting the standard US primal description and location of muscle for pork. The post I made yesterday with all the cutting dimension from the animal is the US recognized way of breaking and selling Pork Shoulder Butts and the collar meat is not part of the method.

Without using a standardized process reading the rules as written you could cook a whole pork loin and front shoulder connected (as one) as long as the butcher called it a butt.

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