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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by roksmith View Post
Completely agree. Now, if you call them up and specifically ask for one that is 5.1 lbs.. is it legal?

..that's assuming that it is indeed a special trim of a regular butt.
..btw I have an email into them asking what the heck it is and why they advertise it as for BBQ comps when it's under 5lbs.
Based on pictures I've seen there is no standard in the US, and that's a huge part of the issue.

There is a huge opportunity for growth in competition BBQ at this point. KCBS and cooks, both have an obligation to deal with it responsibly at this point. If it turns into boxing, with the corruption and cheating, it's dead. If it's managed properly there is the opportunity for growth that can benefit everyone.

I hope enough people get that, because the window of opportunity isn't going to be open forever.
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