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What is the outside temperature (air temperature) when you cook. I attended an evening BBQ Class once put on by a Pitmaster who used a FEC100. The class was only a six hour class and he had cooked the meat the night before and just warmed it up for the class. It was snowing the night he cooked and the temperature was below freezing. He said he put the meat on the FEC 100 and was letting it cook and then later he decided to go and eat at one of the local restaurants, he was from out of town, and as he walked by his enclosed trailer (huge, over 40 feet long) where he had the smoker cooking he could hear some cracking noise. Went to check and fire was bellowing out of the FEC and it was burned up. What he found was that the outside temperature being so cold the grease would coagulate in the chute before dropping down in the pan and caused the grease to back up in the firebox area thus starting the fire. Do not know if this has anything to do with your situation but thought I would pass it on to you.
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