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Originally Posted by Jorge View Post
There is the rule as it exists today. "Whole Shoulder", "Boston Butt", "Picnic". All three are clearly legal. The rule goes on to say that they may be cooked either "bone in" or "bone out". Nowhere does the rule say "..or portions thereof..." or anything similar.
I agree, but isn't it understood that meat can be trimmed as the cook sees fit, as long as it is not trimmed under 5 lb? I think I've heard ppl say if you can find a 5 lb money muscle, use it, haven't I? Don't some teams trim the MM almost all the way off, but leave it connected so it is still a single "piece" of meat? Is it different to trim your own meat or to have your butcher/packer do it? Again, as long as it starts with the whole shoulder and gets cut down, I think it's just trimming, but if it includes more meat that the IMPS definition of a Shoulder, then it's illegal.

I think Dr. BBQ should weigh in on this one! I saw him on TV where a team broke down a pork loin during a time that they weren't supposed to. Guy brought up a good point that you can buy your meat that way from the butcher, so is it worth a DQ or just a minor point deduction. Granted, TV tail gaiting is not KCBS, but it was a valid point, and isn't this the reverse? If I can legally do it after I buy it, before I show up for inspection, can I not ask my butcher to do it for me?


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