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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Default I go to my meat supplier and he offers me these boneless Berkshire pork butts, I've never seen anything like them before and I say sure, I'll give them a try. I say they have to be 5 pounds and get them weighed to be legal. Show up at the comp, the meats are inspected and the meats get cooked. Am I considered a cheater?

If the packing labels cleary say Collar Trim Pork Butt, they are sold in the butcher case as CT or "close trim" pork roasts, and you are told its a butt, would you have any reason as a consumer to even question that?
There are so many friggin' cuts the supermarkets bombard us with its crazy. First time I saw Cushion meat, I asked what cut it was they couldn't tell me, only that the teriyaki joints used it in stir fry!

The Snake River Korobuta Pork Collars in the BBQ Collection "that are a favorite of competitive barbecuers" are 4 lbs for $35 and I would say that anyone knowingly using these in competition are not playing it straight, but it looks like its been happening for awhile.
I don't use SRF meats and don't have any plans to use the CT Butts for comps anyway.
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