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Mate, I don't measure when I make sauces, but I'll give you an outline. Biting my tongue on the rest, but I bet you're a bit of a mind reader, eh?! ;)
30 - 40 birds eye chillies, chuck in a handfull of chipotles too, if you like
5 habs, either choc or orange
1 whole pineapple fresh
2 whole mangoes
1 onion minced
1 carrot grated
2 litres breakfast juice
2 tbs fresh ground black pepper
couple shots of Inner Circle.. more if I can bear to part with it
2 - 3 cups vinegar, apple cider usually, also some white balsamic for flavour
Garlic, lots

Simmer to reduce, blitz with the missus's little mate, salt to taste, add whatever it needs to round it out. It ain't rocket science mate, so I tend to tip and guesstimate.
Currently still eating one I made over 12 months ago, still got balls, and tastes great.
Enjoy your quest, hope the hypocrites haven't given you reflux.

Edit, brainfade.. wtf forgets garlic?
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